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Course Description

The aims of this course is to bring together and further develop content, services, pedagogies and practices for lifelong learning in school, formulating specific scenarios of use of learning tools and platforms. Additionally it aims at exploring and promoting the contribution of ICT and digital media in supporting the development of learning to learn competencies in lifelong learning transitions. This way, the summer school aspires to address the necessity to develop an integrative approach in collecting and disseminating best practices that promote ICT enabled learning using innovative teaching and learning practices. To this end, a European network of all relevant actors shall be formed and motivated through specific educational actions, contests, conferences and summer schools, to develop the competencies necessary in order to properly educate in digital competence and learning to learn skills and thus supporting the transition of Europe to a leading knowledge based economy. The resources to be used have proven their efficiency and efficacy in promoting inquiry based-education. These resources do not impose a fixed curriculum but support the development of a model that can be customised to reflect location and culture as well as cross-disciplinary situations where the curricular areas that might be applicable are not and thus are ideal to be used in the European context. Moreover, since these best practices provide a “window” to live scientific experiments, ongoing research, their use can only strengthen the course’s socially cohesive and Europe-wide dimension. At the same time, participants will develop their learning-design skills by creating learning activities into a workflow and a vehicle for the sharing and re-use of learning design patterns in schools. In addition, teachers will be trained to select appropriate learning-design ICT tools that suit their own needs in terms of planning, implementing and sharing pedagogical ideas.