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Course Description

The “Environmental Protection and the World of Work” Summer School training course aims, at first, to develop the skills of environmental and entrepreneurial education for teachers and trainers,  in using the deployed technologies in modes and settings and then, to get familiar with specific issues related to their application to technology-enhanced environmental / entrepreneurial education. Moreover, it will introduce attendants to social tagging learning objects, educational metadata and learning objects repositories, together with hands-on experiences on practical approaches and tools that are commonly used to support the learning object paradigm. Additionally participants will be familiarized with best practice projects and networks in entrepreneurial education, with the view to having an overview viagra belgique of entrepreneurial practices and thus integrate them to their everyday practice.

At the end of this 5-day course the participants are expected to:

  • Have a clear picture of entrepreneurial skills and how they can teach them to their pupils
  • Have a clear picture of hot issues on environmental education and how they can communicate them to their pupils
  • Have a better understanding of how the two issues of environmental and entrepreneurial education are linked
  • Have access to the latest know-how and good practices and thus support top quality relative learning in their schools
  • Bring into the classroom a unique collection of digital resources and tools that are based on real-world problems. The resources will lead teachers to involve students in finding their own problems, testing ideas (from small to big ideas in science), receiving feedback, and working collaboratively with other students or practitioners beyond the school classroom. Advanced eLearning tools will provide scaffolds that facilitate innovation, enhance learning, support thinking and problem solving, model activities and guide practice, represent data in different ways, and form part of a coherent and systemic educational approach.
  • Learn how to design and then implement learning scenarios that link environmental issues and skills linked to the world of work, based on an interdisciplinary approach
  • Develop a clear strategy and a long term vision how to enhance the role of the school community (teachers, parents, policy makers) in providing learning opportunities in entrepreneurship and environmental protection
  • Be well equipped for delivering the entrepreneurship education and environmental education curricula both within schools and in terms of thinking creatively about how to use resources available within the local community
  • Network with teachers from European countries, make connections to a wide range of stakeholders, share ideas and successful practices and be empowered by a collaborating group of peers that will be engaged in follow-up interactions after the completion of the course.