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Course Description

Creativity. Science. Arts. Excitement. Curiosity. Innovation. Collaborative exploration. Risk. Emersion. Play. Music. Technology. Inquiry.

The CREAT-IT Summer School in Athens Greece will be a meeting point for science educators, scientists, artists, art educators, and policy-makers wishing to learn creative strategies in today’s science teaching. Relying on well-tested Inquiry-Based Science Education processes and the newly developed CREAT-IT Pedagogical Framework, the Summer School participants will experience three distinct but inter-related Case Studies which together provide a large picture of the promising possibilities in the field of creative science teaching.
The Case Studies, Science Theatre (ST), Write a Science Opera (WASO) and Junior Science Café (JSC), will be experienced during hands-on and on-stage work. In addition, in-depth analysis of creativity in science education will take place, as well as the creation of new, original scenarios as part of a growing online network.
This year’s scientific exploration will be dedicated to the theme of Cosmic Light, to coincide with the International Year of Light 2015.