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Course Description

The aim of the course taking place in the context of the project "Development of LD-skills: Development of learning design skills for enhancing students' key competencies" is to have a positive impact on the development of students' problem-solving competencies by promoting the use of inquiry and problem-based approaches to teaching by immersing participating teachers in the process of science-enquiry via their interaction with a unique collection of open digital educational resources (linked with the science curricula the training course methodology aims in the integration of theory and practice). More precisely, participants will get the theoretical knowledge and also the practical aspect by having the opportunity to put into practice what has been learnt in the course. Throughout the duration of the course teachers will experience inquiry strategies in three different modes:

a) as learners participating in inquiry-based learning;
b) as teachers implementing inquiry-based strategies in their classes; and
c) as researchers collecting, examining and interpreting data about their practice and their students' learning.

The course will include presentations and practical sessions (workshops) on web-based educational uses for teachers; introduction to the concepts and skills of learning-design; introduction to the concept of inquiry-based learning; introduction to learning repositories; introduction to preparing, uploading and sharing learning resources; the characterisation of learning objects with educational metadata, presentation of popular social tools and inquiry-based learning scenarios for use in the classroom; inquiry-based strategies for and best practices of using digital teaching & learning resources in the classroom; and hands-on sessions working on resources related to science. Participants will have the opportunity to work alone or jointly in small teams enabling them viagra pas cher to learn from each other.